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Economic calendar 

we need to use the economic calendar to be updated about what will happen in the financial market.  All the activated and interested users are practical and essential for them. The important notice is we have to follow the news.  All the economic news will share and distribute in the economic newspapers and economic calendars. 

Nowadays, all the news will distribute economic calendar immediately.  The analysis foresaw the news and depending on the power of news. It illustrates them on the economic calendar.

Economic news

Why using a calendar is so much important and has a significant effect on the market. As we can see fundamentalists, technical, and sentimentalists follow the news.

They know that the power of news will change the trend and it has a drastic effect on their trade. So, without following the news on the economic calendar, never they won’t write a map. This tool is the same as a written map and being updated is an unrepeatable part of the financial market same as stock market forex or cryptocurrencies. 


So all the activated people who work as mentors, trainers, analyzers, owners of brokers or liquidity providers, and traders need to evaluate and investigate the news . They keep updated about all the situations that will change the market trend. In this market all the news is important, but some of them has less impact, and some of them are changeable. This is a time for those who are an analyzer and can predict what is the news effective? what is the content of the news? or what is the economic news content? it is about events that happen around the word, such as war, climate change, political news, elections, news about global warming, food, and beverage around the world. world wide is our life and we need to follow them.