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history of crypto-currency

We used to define Bitcoin as the word Crypto-Currency initially because of the use of cryptography in mining. Nowadays, digital currency is an integral part of investors who are interested in working in the financial market. Some companies agree that the functionality of digital currencies. It can be used as a brilliant alternative to operation and applied in industries. However, today, people trade different types of cryptocurrencies. The various type of trading of Bitcoins has reached such a level that it is regularly traded in the financial market. We highly encourage investors to buy and sell.

what is the reality of the financial market?

However, statistics and researchers provide data and details to show how 90% of traders are losers and more than 70% of deposited funds go to 30% of market players and owners. On the contrary, we try to aware traders that knowledge and tact are the main pillars of making money. Most are their essential skills in this market. That we mentioned financial markets such as forex, digital currency, stock markets, etc. Afterward, all traders and investors can tempt any type of people to this market and all individuals can enter the market with any amount of capital.


In conclusion, investors who earn minimum wage or maximum wage are interested to invest capital in the financial market. To conclude, the result of trading in the financial market is a better option than other jobs they have had before. Consequently, research was conducted by those who left the market. It shows that many newcomers believe that this market works haphazardly. another one said the market requires a lot of money. Thus, They compare this market to a casino. They argue that such behavior in the financial market is gambling.

Digital or cryptocurrency would be a long-known currency with fast-growing potential. The network is to present an unfocused solution in the developed industry. Experts and digital market experts have recently aimed at the digital value of such a party. Despite its low price, it could…