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Forex money management

How to manage our money in the Forex market?

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What is money management in forex?

Simply put, forex money management is a set of rules that successful traders follow to effectively manage their money. Including minimizing losses, maximizing profits, and increasing the size of their trading account.


Forex money management is often confused with risk management because the concepts are almost the same. Forex risk management is a tool of technical analysis and is more about identifying, analyzing, and quantifying all the risks associated with trading so that they can be effectively managed and in doing so protect yourself from the downside of trading. While forex managers with forex money management knowledge are only focused on protecting money.


An old trading adage helps sum up the goal of money management: “Cut your losses and let your winners run.” In other words, minimize the loss. Maximize profit. We hope that by doing this, you will become a successful and profitable forex trader.

How many funds do you need for forex trading?


Various factors affect the amount of money a trader needs. These factors include broker, type of trading account, leverage, trading strategy, amount of lot that the trader intends to use to open positions, and…

The important thing is to master forex money management so that you can maintain and increase any amount of money that you have invested in the business.

For a forex day trader, minimum starting money of $2,500 may be recommended. For scalpers at least $10,000. Long-term traders should also have at least $20,000 to be able to hold trades for a longer time in the market while targeting their target levels. However, this does not mean that you cannot trade if you do not have this amount of money. You can trade, but you are putting your initial deposit, at great risk. It is always better to wait until you have the required amount of money.

How do I set up a managed forex fund?


A managed forex fund is where forex managers manage trades and investments on behalf of their clients. They manage clients’ accounts by looking for trading opportunities, determining risk levels, implementing their strategies, or advising clients on how they want to trade. Forex money management is done by forex managers. When a trader makes successful trades with a broker, they receive a small fee from the manager or bank. Which allows them to receive a percentage of the profit.

There are many different types of managed accounts available, and choosing the best one depends on your circumstances. A managed fund is one of the most common types of trading accounts. This is the simplest and most basic account where you trade with “real” money using an online transaction. You can choose from many different forex brokers that offer this type of account, and it’s quick and easy to set up. Then you entrust the forex money management to forex managers. You don’t need to know much about the forex market to get started, with managed forex accounts you can start with lower returns, or just let your money grow as you see fit.

Do you need a license to manage forex accounts?


Yes practically. Your broker will dictate whether they are willing to set up a managed forex account on your behalf and accept clients. They allow you to trade investors’ money without a license, provided you attract clients from abroad. That is, managing other people’s forex money by you without permission is conditional. For example, if you are in Australia, you cannot trade with an Australian. If you are in the UK, you cannot trade with the British. So, if a customer decides to sue you, does that make you liable?


There is no 100% certainty, but this is assumed. Despite the hundreds of MAM accounts that have taken out millions of dollars from customers over the years, we have never seen this happen. It seems that the reason is two things: 1- The amount allocated by most of the investors to managed forex accounts in which managers are in charge of forex money management is not worth following up. 2- It is very difficult when you follow a trader in another part of the world.


Does this sound too anachronistic for you and you want to be a fully legal, licensed, and legal money manager? This is why we have set up Think Huge Investments, which is an authorized corporate agent under the supervision and jurisdiction of ASIC.

How do you use risk management in forex?


Forex traders should be aware of some issues if they want to limit the risks associated with active trading. Instead of paying attention to forex money management, many traders look for fashions and as a result, make unnecessary losses. The two main reasons why forex traders lose money are improperly used to stop losses. And unnecessarily large trading positions held for too long. A stop loss limits your losses by placing an order a certain number of pips away from your entry point. Or a certain percentage below the purchase price. This order initiates the sale of held assets when the value of those assets reaches or falls below the set price. This is the most common way to control risk and manage your forex money. Because it will get you out of the position if the price action moves against your expectations. Limit orders are also a great tool to set your profit target and can be a great strategy to manage risk and maximize profits when you think currency pairs won’t break above or below existing support or resistance lines.

The importance of money management


Forex money management is a set of measures that are taken to maintain and increase the money used in business. The first and most important forex money management tip for any trader is to only trade what you can afford to lose. As a beginner trader, you should only deposit into your trading account what you can trade with and no more. You may want to set yourself a maximum acceptable loss per month and stop trading immediately if you reach this loss. This is a very important step. The next step in creating a forex money management plan is to determine how much you are risking on each trade and how you want to measure this. This helps to determine where your stop loss is at each time you enter the market.

In this article, materials related to forex money management were presented, using these materials can help you in money control and risk management in your transactions.

Share your valuable opinions with us, and if you have any questions, you can refer to Myitfa team to clear your doubts and get advice.

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