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Copy trade

What is copy trading, Is copy trading a good idea.

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What is copy trading?

What is copy trade forex? Would you like to know more about What is copy trading? Do you know the best broker for copy trading?

What is copy trading? Stay with us until the end of this topic to find the answers to these questions. You know that there are many concepts in the financial markets that if we do not know them in this market. 

Traders will be unaccustomed and we will not be able to get the satisfactory result that we expect from the market. Which can be seen as the main characteristic of all financial markets being risk-taking. It is also unpredictable. Risk and danger that is always there, but for avoiding high risk, you can use existing solutions and reduce them.

We mentioned that, in this article, we will examine one of the most practical concepts in the financial market.

Let’s talk about the name of copy trading forex and other concepts related to it, including:

About copy trade in meta trader and the best copy trading site, the concept of copy trading robot and expert. We will explain the copy trade.

After learning the mentioned concepts, you can earn money from copy trading.

Is copy trading right for you?


At the beginning of the article, we discuss the concept of forex copy trading. So, it is better to continue and analyze it more. See friends of people who they are trading for the first time, they have no practical experience of market movement and doing things such as chart review, technical and fundamental analysis, news review, etc. For this reason, they should trade for a long time to gain experience and the ability over time to identify market trends and trade like a professional, which takes a lot of time and requires a lot of effort. On the other hand, some people are interested in investing in the financial markets. They have the initial capital to enter it, but they do not have enough opportunity to learn. These people can complete the basic training to use the copy trading system. The question is copy trading right for you?


But at the beginning of the articles, there is always a need for a starting point. And this starting point can be used for all traders and activated. First, pass a copy trade training course in areas such as copy trade in Meta trader, copy trade robot and how to use the copy trade site and earn copy trades and then start copying trades.

 But if we want to explain the copy trading system in the Meta Trader platform simply and understandably, it can be considered as an imitation and copy of what a professional trader does. Of course, the trader he chose himself is acceptable and reliable. And every action made by a professional trader in the market is copied by a beginner trader. In the following, we will talk more specifically about how to copy trade in Meta trader. And is copy trading good for beginners?

copy trading

Advantages of copy trading


If we want to talk about the advantages and positive points of copy trading in Meta trader, the most important of them is reduction. We need to know if copy trading is good for beginners. The amount of transaction risk is good because the trader’s goal is to gain profit maximizing and reducing the amount of risk is the same for a beginner. Another point of using copy trading system is we will reduce the risk of capital.

 This is why it is said that for new traders, finding the best copy trading site and doing copy trades is always the best option at the beginning.

One of the other advantages that we can count for copy trading is that all the time the trader is new copies trades of professional traders.

We must notice that as a training course during which he learns the trading style and strategy that a professional trader uses and uses them in his future transactions.

We consider it necessary to point out a point here as a drawback of the copy trade system, which is. The market is not predictable, even big traders may sometimes make transaction mistakes, and the consequences of this mistake will also affect the traders who follow them.


Investing in copy trading


Is copy trading profitable? So far, we got to know the transaction copy system to some extent. Now we want to talk to you about investing in this area. Perhaps the question arises whether copying transactions for investment is a good idea or not. Of course, the answer to this question is a bit difficult because the world of trade is always accompanied by risks and there is no guaranteed profit of 100%. can be predicted and cannot be expected to always move according to our wishes.

But considering the above content, copy trading can be an exciting way to earn money quickly. However, as mentioned earlier, like gambling, it can quickly lead to big losses, but knowing and working with the best and most honest broker and, in addition, a successful trader for copy trading can reduce the percentage of losses and reduce loss.

Investing sometimes means smaller short-term gains, but less severe losses. If you have no problem with this concept and the experience of risk, why not? Certainly, trading with a part of your capital and copy trade income can be enjoyable.

How to copy trade?


How do you copy trade?


It was for the first time in 2005 that in the financial world it was possible to make transactions copied from other traders, and today this method of trading has become common and available to those interested in making transactions. It all started when users of a forex trading platform started sharing their trades for others to follow. This method allows successful traders to share their trading positions in any market without revealing the secrets of their trading strategies.

In this section, we mention two terms used in the copy system. It is copy trade expert and copies trade robot.

Copy Trade Expert is one of the good ways to use the copy trade system. In this way, all the details and changes that are made in the trader’s account will also happen in the copy trader’s account, of course, it must be said that to perform expert access to the username and password of the account manager, it is required.

The safety of this method is high, but the problem is that sometimes the account manager does not want to share his account information. Of course, the important thing is that in this article we will introduce you to a robot that does not require you to give your password information to the trader, Stay with us.

But regarding the copy trade robot, this robot allows you to make a series of settings for applying copy trading and somehow manage it.

To get to know how to do copy trade better, watch the video tutorial below for this concept for you.

Copy Trades

Best Forex Brokers for Copy Trading

Many different companies provide copy trading services and brokers are a subset of these companies. And you can use the direct services of the company or broker Use in the field of copy trade.

But in the meantime, NYX broker has designed a unique copy trade for itself. It is suitable for both traders and clients. As a trader, if you want to be on the list of broker traders, you must meet certain conditions you have to provide an account connected to MQL5 and after checking the technical unit as a trader in the list Traders are placed.

The reason for doing this is:

  • Some broker sites that use the copy trade system display a statement that only attracts the opinion of the audience.
  • In the resume in the form of MQL, you can get complete information about the amount of profit and loss, the amount of the largest and smallest trades, and see each trade made by the trader and which of the trades made touched the profit limit or to the manual is closed.
  • You see the complete account type, which means you don’t see manipulation. Some of the copy trading systems actually give you a resume that shows that the resume is a demo account, but they show it in the rail view, but here you see the real information.
  • The amount of the trade deposit and the interest that has been withdrawn.

One of the benefits of cooperation between traders in the copy trade system is that people can

The desire to allocate a percentage of the profits obtained in the accounts of customers connected to them. In addition, the broker is also based on the commission in the IB plan from his income to the trader as well

gives a share in case of good cooperation, NYX Broker will give you a dedicated copy trade dashboard as well for detailed information about these services, as it is not within the scope of this article, you can Be in touch with us.

copy trade

Is it the best copy trading platform?

If, as a customer, you want the transactions to be copied for you, you can introduce your trader to the broker or choose one among the traders after checking the resume of that trader, of course, they should know how to read resumes to some extent. And after that, NYX Copy Trade Broker will guide and accompany you step by step until the last moment.

CRMforMe company supports the best copy trading platform around the world.

As we can see this kind of platform in the NYX broker

We comprise some features and possibilities that exist on it:

You can connect to it without restrictions on which broker your trader is in


No restrictions on Meta trader 4 or 5 platforms. That means it doesn’t matter you or the trader

Which platform do you use? The connection between the two systems is done.

You can choose the volume based on your capital.
You can copy some trading items. For example, your trader is a trader who is professional in gold but is not very strong in other items, according to your trader’s resume, you only choose to copy gold for you.
You can specify a loss limit for your capital. Many loved ones have the experience of losing their entire capital in copy trade, but in this system, you determine the percentage of loss for yourself.
You can specify the profit limit for your transactions. The settings of this system are much more specialized and you can receive full training from Broker NYX when you intend to use this system.

In conclusion

Copy trade is perhaps one of the sweetest concepts in the forex market that were discussed in this article. Traders who send buy and sell signals as professional traders sometimes receive a certain percentage of profit by selling a subscription to the services they provide. The article talked about the best broker and the best copy trade site, which can reduce the risk and losses of copy trade as much as possible.

We introduced the CRMforMe copy trading platform to you and explained its advantages. In addition to this system, beginner traders can copy trading signals. And it is possible to copy the settings of successful traders, such as stop loss, take profit, and other settings.

With the hope that the mentioned content about copy trade has been taken care of by you dear ones. If you need advice on this matter, contact us as soon as possible We will answer you.

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